Why do Online Sites offer Heavy discounts during GOSF?

Google Online Shopping Festival is the most resourceful shopping mela of the year where you can find all the products at prices like never before. It is the best time of the year to buy all heavy products such as mobiles, electronics, apparels and accessories, watches, perfumes, kid’s wear etc. as these products are available in the least prices.

It is the best sale of the year that helps online sites in the utmost way. All the brands offer their products at maximum discounts and earn huge profits as the sale of the day is way more than the total sale in a month or sometimes many months.

GOSF is basically made on the theme of ‘Black Friday’ where all the products were offered at the least prices for a day. There are many top-notch online sites that participate in the fest such as Jabong, Myntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Fabfurnish, Homeshop18, Firstcry, Mothercare etc.

  • Brand Building: The initial cause of offering discounts in GOSF is to build the brand value of the new names in the market and maintain the brand value of the existing brands. The names that have made a mark in the market offer their products on such heavy discounts in order to retain customer loyalty and the new names that have recently joined the market offer discounts to promote their brand and let people notice them for future sales. Once the brand is taken into consideration by customers, it will automatically help the site in future sales.
  • Competition: As there are countless sites offering same products in the market, all the sites offer these discounts to survive in the market. The site that will be offering maximum discount will automatically earn maximum sales. So, to survive in this competitive market, online sites offer their best discounts in GOSF .
  • To attract Customer: The site that has maximum number of customers will automatically make best profit in comparison to others. Another very essential reason for sites to offer best of the discounts is to attract maximum number of customers. Once customers have started visiting your site, it will benefit you for a longer period of time. GOSF is for a day but online sites will get a recurring business from the customers that have already liked the products of the site. So it is also among the best stunts of online sites to boost their sales.
  • To liquidate the Inventory: Another reason to offer discounts at GOSF day is to liquidate the inventory that is stored in the warehouses for a longer duration. It is the best method to sell the products that have been stored in the warehouses for a long duration.
  • Promote Sales of the site: The main purpose of offering discounts at GOSF is to build customer loyalty and to promote sales of the site. If customers are satisfied from your products and services then they will definitely come back for the next time. So in this way, it is the best mean of increasing sales of the site.

GOSF is the day when online sites make grand profits of more than billion dollars. It is advantageous for both customers and site owners that is why it is considered as the happy shopping day of the year.

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