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Hi,Welcome to WebTechMiner (WTM).WebTechMiner is a blog where we talk about Social Media,Technology,SEO,Blogging,How to make Money online,Tech Tips,Wordpress and many more.

WebTechMiner (WTM)’s Mission is to become one of the TOP Blog over India!!

WebTechMiner (WTM)’s vision is to take Online Surveys which or what do you find interesting!!

Pratik Patel – Founder & Editor
Pratik Patel is a 20 year old Software Engineer worked on .Net Technologies.He is a co-founder of Social Networking Website for engineering students Help2Engg.His basic interests are Entrepreneurship,Microsoft Technologies, SEO.

During his college days,He started to work in PHP with his two friends and made some applications.Check one of My Work.

The basic Idea behind starting WebTechMiner (WTM) is t0 find what is exactly right tips,tricks or any information.So WebTechMiner(WTM) will try to gather knowledge-full information.

You can mail him on pratik@webtechminer.com for to build Web Apps. using PHP or .Net or anything about WebTechMiner (WTM)’ s articles/suggestions or you can use Contact Page

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