How to block IP Address from website

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Many times we want to block IP Address so particular machine is not able to access website/blog again.

People may be hackers,enemies,Invalid clickers or may be another.Below is guide to block IP address from website.

Login to Cpanel Account

Almost all Hosting providers offers you cPanel.Login to your cPanel,for my example I use BlueHost here.

  • Go to Security 
  • Go to IP Deny Manager



Here,you wil find different options

  • Single IP Address (Recommended) – You can block particular IP Address.
  • Range – As network IP Address changes dynamically,you can deny particular range of IP Address.
  • Implied Range – similar kind of Range option.
  • CIDR Format – Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) range allows to block associated routing prefix.Here more about CIDR Wikipedia.
  • Implies range will block IP address staring from 10.**

You can also unblock if you wish & list of all IP address from same.Check blow image.


Here I block an IP address.Remember denying IP address from cPanel will block through all websites that you host on your account.

In next post,I will discuss about how to find recent IP address who visit your website/blog.Keep visiting & sharing articles.

If you know any other methods to block IP Address from accessing website.Please tell me and readers by commenting below.

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