How to find duplicate records in SQL Server

SQL-Server-Dulpicate-Records This is first SQL Tutorial from WebTechMiner.Many times you want to find duplicate records in table in SQL due to some human errors or some another issues. Now start with table creation “How to find duplicate records in SQL Server” tutorial.! I create table “user “with Id(Auto Increment,Primary key),UserId,EMail columns.You can find below script to […] Continue Reading →

Top 10 WordPress Business Themes

WordPress is the easiest method to create Websites.Due to large number of free & premium WordPress Themes available across internet.Thus WordPress is becoming more & more popular over years.Here,I share best Top 10 WordPress Business Themes with you.! Your business website is your business’ identity.When anyone knows about you or your business,People will definitely come to visit […] Continue Reading →

How to add Captcha Code in PHP form?

Captcha-Image What is Captcha Code? Captcha code is a type of challenge to users who submits form on your website or in your blog. Captcha code is usually images in awkward font family or italic.Recently lots of people using some logical equations like 5+2?. Why do we need Captcha? Captcha code is used to prevent spam comments from automated software […] Continue Reading →

Best WordPress Plugins for your Blog that you must have

best-wordpress-plugins WordPress is the best platform for any blogger.There are tons of free WordPress Plugins by developers.Here I share some useful best wordpress plugins for your blog. Due to features like Easy to Install,Easy to Update versions & Support Forum,free WordPress Plugins become more popular over the years.! 1.WordPress SEO For any website or any blog,SEO is one […] Continue Reading →

Smart Money Investment Tips for Online Traders

Money-Investment-Tips Online trading can be intimidating job and can put you at risk if you are not aware of the responsibilities you are supposed to do. Before starting online trading with actual money, it is worth if you practice free stock online trading and then practice with actual money. So, to get successful in online trading […] Continue Reading →

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India

Online-shopping-sites Shopping is a wonderful experience.Everyone loves to shopping.When it comes to Online Shopping,In India is quite been little less market compared to other countries.People hardly trust online shopping sites.There are many reasons behind that people love to feel their product,Payment option etc.! Though,Online shopping is becoming popular day by day as it gives you “Cash […] Continue Reading →

Facebook New Features that can kill Facebook itself

facebook-home-page-big-advertisement Facebook is becoming brand in Social Networking over last few years.Here are Facebook New Features that can not been accepted by people for longer period of time. 1. Facebook Chat Application Sucks Chat application is one of the great feature of Facebook.There are lots of bugs initially started.They have overcome through from last many months.They have also added some smileys […] Continue Reading →

Top 10 Free Online Cloud Storage Sites

Top-free-cloud-storage-sites Cloud storage is becoming very much popular industry years by years.Many IT giants come into Cloud as its future growth.Now you might be thinking What is Cloud Storage? Cloud storage is “a networked online storage” hosted by Third Parties.Suppose you have some data or files on Dropbox.Then you can access that data from your office,from […] Continue Reading →

Top 10 SEO Myths…Dispelled

Top-10-SEO-Myths During one of my Social networking website Help2Engg‘s SEO,I found lots of myths over Internet.SEO is becoming very popular industry over year by year.Due to very research based subject,there are lots of myths are around. “Hey,You should not do this thing,Your site will be penalized by Google!!”.These words may you hear. SEO is like sometimes […] Continue Reading →

London Olympics 2012 Application And Games

Official-London-2012-Mobile -Game The Summer Olympics 2012 will begins in London 27 July 2012 and ends 12 August 2012. There are three Official London Olympics 2012 Applications to stay updated with Olympics 2012. Wherever you are,you can easily enjoy games results,can share your experience about games.Following are three applications. 1. Join in Application If you are in Lodon,Join […] Continue Reading →