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Top 10 SEO Myths…Dispelled

During one of my Social networking website Help2Engg‘s SEO,I found lots of myths over Internet.SEO is becoming very popular industry over year by year.Due to very research based subject,there are lots of myths are around.

“Hey,You should not do this thing,Your site will be penalized by Google!!”.These words may you hear.

SEO is like sometimes works for some people and sometimes don’t!!It needs time and research over your continuous effort.Here are most dispelled Top 10 SEO Myths in no particular order!!

1. Higher Page Rank = Higher Rank in Search Results.

This is one of the popular ever topic over SEO Forums, Webmasters and all around .
What is Page Rank?
Page Rank is a 0-10(No floating) value which is used by Google to determine the importance of any web page named after Google Co-Founder Larry Page.

Check your Website’s Page Rank:Google PageRank Checker.

The Post is written at Official Google WebmastersBeyond PageRank: Graduating to actionable Metrices will make you clear that Page Rank does not matter in Rankings.Also Matt Cutts from Google Spam Team Head also confirms that Page Rank does not matter.

2. Submitting Google Sitemap will ranked you better.

This is important thing that every website owner or blogger must know.Sitemap is a way to tell Google about your Pages which is not directly in your website.Some Pages will come through database or some inside your pages.

So even if  you submit your sitemap and it is being indexed,Google does not give you guarantee that your website will rank higher.

3. You don’t need to do SEO when you have great Quality Content.

Alright,You have write Good content or having Quality materials that never help you to rank higher.If you do not do anything for your content or website,It will never help you to increase your business.I had already told in my previous SEO post that “Content is King but SEO is Queen”.
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4. Larger Keyword Density=Higher Search Results

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword Density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase that occurs in your Page compared to your all words.So everyone thinks that High keyword density means more occurrence of your targeted keyword means Higher Ranking .Things are same in SEO.Here is a video of  “Keyword Density by Matt Cutts”.

5.Using AdWords/Adsense will help/hurt your Rankings.

This is something funny fact.Many people are using Google Adwords,Some believe that  their rankings will increase as they use Google services.Some believe that It will hurt as they promote.This is sometimes happened with Adsense also!!.It doesn’t matter

6. Meta “keywords” will give high rankings.

In past,Google and most search engines use Meta keywords.Now the whole scenario is changed.There is no meta keywords that is understand by Google Search Engines.It will ignore other meta tags.

Here’s List of all Meta tags supported by Google.Carefully read last 2 lines.

7. Optimizing a long Phrase will give you more Results.

Around the world,People try to target long keyword,so they can rank for more keywords.But if you are doing it unnatural way,You can never get good results.It’a waste of time and page.And even sometimes you can’t rank for short keywords.

8. To buy or to sell links with others will hurt your rankings.

Many people thinks If you exchange with your friends’ website/blog links,Google will not rank you good.Even any page or post will be good if having some Outer Links!!

9. Google doesn’t penalize if you cheat in title or any important tags.

This is what happened when you want to rank much faster.I had seen lots of pages which include only links and little bit description about any website and videos that rank higher fortunately for some days.But after some days,You will never find them in Higher Search Engine Result Pages(SERP).

Google will definitely penalize even you rank good earlier!!

10. Ending your URLs “.html”. extension will rank you better.

This is also some funny ever myth.How can you think that .html extension gives you good rankings?

Even if you have .aspx or .php or any kind extensions,Google can understand your HTML code.So even if you have such extensions like .php or .aspx.Google will use HTML only.Whatever code is written in .aspx or .php will be executed at Server side.