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Facebook New Features that can kill Facebook itself

Facebook is becoming brand in Social Networking over last few years.Here are Facebook New Features that can not been accepted by people for longer period of time.

1. Facebook Chat Application Sucks

Chat application is one of the great feature of Facebook.There are lots of bugs initially started.They have overcome through from last many months.They have also added some smileys and feature like if your friend is typing from another end to notify you and also Seen By feature.

These feature are awesome,there is no doubt.But sometimes I face problem like that my friend messages me and I can’t see in Chat Window.But it has already been  received on Message Box that we have in top right on Page.Not only me,my lots of friends and there are some users that also face similar kind problems.So what I have to do is reloading page after few seconds!!

I don’t know about that bugs but It is frustrated when you are talking with your client or with some friend whom you meet after a long time.

2. Edited Comments Feature

Facebook has introduced feature that you can edit your comments.This feature is awesome.If you have misspelled or anything that you want to edit you can easily edit with edit button of that text box.

But the problem is that anyone can see your edited comment.See below screenshot to show Edit History!!
Facebook Edited Comment Hover

Now after clicking on Edited you can see what you had write before you edited your comment.Check below screenshot.

Now it can be very dangerous when you write something abusive or something else in anger mood!!And not only you,all people can see it.Though you can delete entire comment,but if you don’t aware about edited comment can be seen by everyone!!

What Facebook says about Edit comment

3. Advertisement on Home Page

I had seen some big advertisement on my Home Page when I try to login Facebook on Friendship Day.It replaces complete Home Page of Facebook.This really sucks the advertisement is to like some page.


4. Group Notification Seen by feature

Facebook groups is used by everyone.People often posted about some posts on groups.Now new feature allows you to see  How many people has seen your post ,at which time who seen your post with name!!

So when people know that my name will be displayed that I had seen that post.Many of them do not check post in future.This is something privacy issue.
5. Featured Post Feature

Facebook’s one of the way to earn money is to earn from Sponsored Post feature.If any people or page want to show updates to large number of users.They have to pay minimum 5$ to Facebook.And Facebook will prom0te your status or story.


Now If you don’t like any Page,It will be still appearing on News Feed very first.

If you have any more problems that you don’t like about Facebook New Features,you can comment below.