Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India

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Shopping is a wonderful experience.Everyone loves to shopping.When it comes to Online Shopping,In India is quite been little less market compared to other countries.People hardly trust online shopping sites.There are many reasons behind that people love to feel their product,Payment option etc.!

Though,Online shopping is becoming popular day by day as it gives you “Cash On Delivery” option.!

Let’s talk about Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India.

1. Flipkart
Flipkart was started by two IIT(Indian Institute of Technology),Delhi alumni.They worked for Amazon & found Flipkart later on.Flipkart focused on online sales of books but it later expanded to electronic goods and a variety of other products.!

Flipkart reported sales of US$100 million in FY 2011-2012.Flipkart bought another popular site!

Flipkart knows for its fast delivery & cheap Electronics products due to having its own courier services having bikes and delivering in lots of cities.!

Website :

2. Ebay

Ebay is an American Consumer to consumer corporation.It does not only provide products but they also provide Free Auctions of your products or things so you can get maximum benefit of your thing.!


3. HomeShop18

HomeShop18 is also one of the famous & most trusted online shopping site of India.They provide large amount of products.

I usually prefer it for Books.I bought a book from it & they message when your product is shipped.It also gives 100Rs. Discount Coupon to buy from them again.! I think it is only website which provides TV Channel to buy from them.


4. Amazon India

World’s largest online trader “Amazon” started recently in India.It provides large range of mobile Phones,Camera,Books,E-Books,portable media players,Kindle Reader,Kinle Fire HD and many more things.

For promotion, Amazon India provides free home delivery for short period of time to any product.Surely Amazon India will boost Indian Online Shopping market.


5. InfiBeam

InfiBeam is an E-Commerce company which provides books,electronics.It is having Headquarter in Ahmedabad,India but they also launched US  site for US consumers.It is also having their E-book reader.

Infibeam was in list of Top 5 Digital Brands in E-commerce category survey taken by The Economic Times.


6. YeBhi introduce “Try and Buy” where the shoppers can actually try the clothes and shoes they buy on the portal when it is delivered to them and return it if they are not satisfied.!

It is not for all cities.Check your city by giving Pin Code of your area.!

N.R. Narayana Murthy is an investor of it.Yebhi pays good amount of time for T.V. advertisements.I also like its attractive UI.


7. Jabong

Jabong is one of the biggest fashion & life-style E-commerce site in India. It was launched in January 2012 & in a given year got highest traffic from India. It gives lots of varieties of branded products.

Jabong offers delivery within a day in Delhi & offers 48 hours for top cities of India. Javas is biggest courier partner of Jabong which is having excellent tracking system of order.

Jabong is one of the official partner of FastTrack India.


8. FutureBaazar

FutureBaazar is India’s online shopping site which is partnered with one of the famous India’s physical Shopping Mall BigBazzar & Pantaloon India.!

They targets mostly on Office in which they also offer EMI.!


9. IndiaPlaza

IndiaPlaza was one of the pioneer of Online shopping in India.It starts with a n Online Music CD store & then they started for products based website.!

It offers around 8 million products.!


10. ShopClues

Shopclues is becoming one of the fastest growing online shopping site of the list.It’s Wide products range & Heavy discount attracts lots of people.It is having around 6 Lakh FB fans in a short span period of time

It offers very cheap USB pen drives & lots of things.You will be amazed when they offer 48 Hours Sale.


Here’s is a list of FB Pages of good Online Shopping Sites in India.!

Don’t forget to subscribe : is not in list due to not providing products from its sites.It gives you only comparison of prices of products of different sellers & You can also read product reviews.!!

You can get all Online Shopping Sites Coupon Code on

31 thoughts on “Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India

  1. I found orbymart is one of the favorite online shopping site. Now in India E commerce sites are booming.We have various options to choose online shop. Thanks for sharing the information.

  2. prasanta kalita says: is a fraud site, so I request to all innocent online buyers to share with u r friends & save money

    • yes i’ll agree to u r comment
      i am also a victim
      date of my order is 1-5-2012. payment date 1-5-2012
      till to date (26-12-2012) no refund. no item.
      with phone conservation to timtara customer care : waste of money& time.
      please suggest me how to complaint against timtara.
      -srinivasa goud

      • Call Timatara last time,Give your Order No. & ask whether they are able to give product or not?If they say Yes,then wait for delivery time they need.If they say No,then tell “If you don’t pay me back,I will go to consumer forum”.And If they are not agree to pay you back,go to Consumer forum of your city.You will surely get your money back.!

    • Timtara, Naptal, and almost all deals sites are 100% fruad,

      Flipcart, Infibem, Homeshop18, are good sites,

      Also Shaaza,com is getting popular now a days and fastest shipping. Lets see

  3. for gifts and flowers, is good site for shopping online for any occasion like valentines day, birthday and much more.

  4. InfiBeam the best of Online Shopping site

  5. priyadontics says:

    Well,I don’t think Naaptol is fraudulent online shopping website.I have purchased a quiet a few products from this site.that too with COD.It seems to be a bit costlier site.That’s it.

  6. The other massive online shopping store that everyone seems to have forgotten however will ship to India is Amazon. They will not ship everything to an Indian address though and that is where it gets tricky.

    Here is 5 steps to identify and purchase items on Amazon that can be shipped to India.

  7. Parth Parikh says:

    Hey Pratik,

    Great work. Indeed excellent research and great way to share ideas about online shopping and give information.Looking forward to have some more sites like this to help out new guys with online shopping and other things as well.

  8. Hey,where is snapdeal you forgot that?

    • Hi Gaurav,
      This Online Shopping Websites list is with my own shopping experience.
      Snapdeal is also good,I haven’t buy anything from it.So I did not include it.!
      Thanks for your comment.!

  9. Also try the online shopping website . It has all the standard features like Cash on Delivery, Free Shipping, and Online payment options. has very good range of products with fantastic deals & discounts. I found their prices are cheaper than most other websites and service is good. They also have a feature called Same Day Delivery for some some gift items like cakes & flowers.

  10. vivek gupta says:

    All shopping sites do best work in India,it give good adventure.!

  11. What about Myntra ?

  12. Well, there are plenty of fish in the sea as they say but I am listing some of my favorites so far:-
    1. – They do come up with some amazing SALES for western wear but the only drawback is at time they take more than a month to deliver the package. All in all always a pleasure shopping with them.

    2. – Need to say more Wink

    3. – Fast & Reliable.

    4. – This site will definitely surprise you with the collection of western wear and accessories. A new & promising website with a very good service and customer support. – This is one of the best shopping portals I have come across so far. They have a super fast delivery system in place and a wonderful customer service support. No wonder why they are counted among the top shopping portals in India

    This is a random list that I have compiled as per my shopping experience with these websites.

  13. “Very good site which gives all information about best online shopping sites in India.

    Online shopping in India you can buy home appliances, books, electronics, mobile all in one roof. Shopping online in India has become very easy and cheapest.”

    Thanks for such nice info as it works for me a lot.

  14. Although the article seems to be a year old, the listing still holds good for most of these stores. Nice work! There is always a good chance of saving money from online shopping if buyers do their deligent research on price comparison engines or deal websites.

  15. Good Online Shopping Sites list but there are more sites which are doing well in India like Myntra, Tradus, Zovi and Inkfruit.

  16. Bags Price India says:

    This given information of online shopping sites can help a lot to buy products online. I always like to buy products online because I get good discounted price then other shopping.

  17. Hi Pratik,

    I am from a remote place in India. Only speed post is available here as a courier agent. Can you suggest me some good reliable online shopping sites who will deliver products to my place, I mean who deliver via speed post also.


  18. I have book a mobile phone which is 150 rupees cheaper than other websites but I did not get it.
    I make call and email many times, they told me for refund but i didnot get after one month.
    What action should be taken ?

    Plzzzzz dont book any producr from

  19. kalyan pothineni says:

    How about snapdeal?

  20. is a fraud 111% website. It takes 600 rs for 1kg gold or laptop. then says it is 100% refundable. then sends a product in 600rs which actual cost is 100rs.

  21. Great work. This gives all information about best online shopping sites in India. Thanks for sharing as it helped me to buy products online.

  22. Yes this is a good article. First we should remember one thing is that where we get good service and quality products at cheap price, this is the important thing while we shop online.

  23. jomish mohan says:

    Guys… Don’t buy anything from Infibeam.!
    I didn’t got my product yet.. now its become 23 days… their refund policy is to their own wallet…. They wont refund to your bank account.. customer care is pathetic… i called them 4 times… after they put hold my call 5-10 mins.. then they will tell they are helpless… money is gonna refund to your account after 10 days… Biggest fraud website ever… they wont give u any customer value…

    It’s my second worst experience from INFIBEAM.. First I purchased a memory card… that was a faulty one… I called them once i get to know its faulty… they told me to take that to service center.. which i far from my place… Be careful Guys…think before u buy anything from Infibeam..
    My order number -21737760

  24. I agree with this list as far as some sites like Flipkart and Homeshop18 are considered. But Shopclues ??/ They are just rip off artists. I had a bad experience with them and when I enquired around I could find that a lot of people whom I knew had similar bad experiences. Their product listing is all bogus and when you order you will get the wrong product or size, since the product or size you wanted was wrongly listed. Follow up with them takes 3 weeks ( that is if you regularly follow up by phoning- God help you if you don’t or follow up by e-mail )till they commit for a reverse pick up and pick up takes another week. Refund still takes another 2 -3 weeks. In other words to get your money back you have to spend 45 -60 days. For me it took 48 days. No wonder because it was started by Sandeep Aggarwal who was arrested by FBI for fraud. In India unfortunately laws are lax and the poor consumer is helpless. In theory there is the consumer court, but it practice to get a verdict one has to wait 1-3 years and suffer with constant trips to the court and the headache.

    • I also have same experience, I have a better experience with snapdeal. Shopclues allowed anyone on their website without proper verification.

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